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Vastu Shastra is a science that is practice for centuries in various parts of the world. It is a set of principles that helps to live in harmony and prosperity in your place of dwelling or work. Vastu Shastra also includes several animal figurines and considers them as lucky and encourages keeping these at home or office to enhance positive energy and wealth.


Tortoise figurine is renowned for its positive effect as well as wish-fulfillment qualities. Apart from the several tortoise figurines, the black tortoise is considered a spiritual creature that helps enhance positivity in the house and signifies longevity.


Tortoise figurines include metal, stone, crystal, wood, etc. These are also available in different colors, designs, and patterns.


There are several areas that you can place the tortoise figurine from the entrance, backyard, near an artificial waterfall, etc, in your home, and it is considered very lucky. By placing the tortoise figurine in such an area, you can help eliminate negative energy and stabilize positive energy within your surroundings. However, one should not place the tortoise figurine in the bathroom or kitchen as it is not ideal.


Along with the placement of the tortoise figurine, the direction of the tortoise figurines provides many benefits. Different types of tortoise figurines are required to be placed in various positions to fully reap its benefit. The metal tortoise figurine is best suited for north or northeast direct, while, stone tortoise figurine should be kept in the west direction. Likewise, the crystal tortoise figurine is ideal for the southwest and wooden for the east direction.


There are several benefits of placing a tortoise figurine in your house or place of work. Tortoise figurine aids in career growth and is known to help in wish fulfillment. For career growth, make sure that you opt for a black tortoise figurine or metal figurine with the Chinese coin in its mouth and place it in your living room. The coin placed in the mouth of the tortoise figurine signifies income growth. Another way to help enhance your career with a tortoise figurine is to place it in such a way that it faces the main door of your house.


For wish fulfillment, you need to buy a metal tortoise figurine that can be open, then write your wish on a piece of yellow paper then, you can place it inside the tortoise. Position the tortoise figurine on a red piece of cloth in a direction that you can see every day. Once your wish is fulfilled, remove the metal tortoise figurine from the red cloth.


The above-discussed guidelines for the placement of tortoise figurine will help you bring positive energy to your house and aid in your career growth too. Tortoise figurine is best for the protection and stability of your household.