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Owning a house is a huge milestone for most of the people. It takes a lot of time, money and effort to choose the perfect home for you and your family. That is why protecting your home at all costs is paramount. Property damage through fire, water, burglaries, etc. can wreak havoc on your home, leading to huge financial losses that become difficult to deal with in the long run. Hence, being prepared for any damage to your home helps you stay safe and secure.


The most reliable measure to protect your home from property loss, is to take an insurance policy. Given how much you love and cherish your abode, here are some insurance policies that will have your back if you ever face property damage in your home:


Home insurance coverage against fire damage:

A single spark can cause complete damage to property. While it is important to be cautious by making sure the gas is turned off, there are no inflammable substances lying around, and avoiding contact of incense sticks with wood, you can invest in a home insurance policy that also gives protection against fire damage. Based on your income and the nature of the plan, you can figure out what premium suits you best to prevent damage to property. 


Home insurance coverage against natural disasters:

All natural disasters have one thing in common: they occur when you least expect them. And at the end of the day, there’s only so much you can do to protect yourself against natural disasters. If you’re staying in a seismic zone, you risk the possibility of your home being damaged by an earthquake. Or if you live in a hilly region, damage to property by landslides is a high risk.  Even city dwellers risk earthquakes and Tsunamis. While it takes some time to recover, a trusted home insurance policy relieves you from the financial burdens of property damage.


Home insurance coverage against theft and man-made calamities:

While natural calamities can have catastrophic consequences on your home, even man-made or artificial calamities can be equally devastating. Burglaries are one of the leading causes of property loss in India. There could be man-made accidents that are caused because of poor home maintenance as well. A good home insurance policy will provide protection against damage to property caused by both vandalism and theft along with fire and natural disasters.  Discuss this with your insurance provider to choose the best insurance plan for you.


Home insurance coverage against damage to valuable possessions:

Home is considered a safe space for you and all that you possess. If at any point there’s a threat to anything you value, a home insurance policy has you covered. These policies not just protect you from property loss, but any damage caused to your valuable possessions such as electronics, jewelry, furniture, and expensive artwork as well.


Home insurance coverage for temporary living expenses:

While getting insurance, the one aspect of safety that is often overlooked is the preparedness for the aftermath of an unfortunate event. In case of any disasters or even maintenance work that currently makes your house inhospitable, having a financial plan to ensure your safety and comfort is absolutely essential. You should get home insurance coverage that provides you enough to cover rent and other living expenses during your temporary stay. Decide with your insurer what plan is most suitable for you.


While we provided you with a list of ways to financially protect yourself from property damage, you can even actively prevent anything that might jeopardize the security of you and your children. You can start by designing a home that is safe for your child, and even create an environment of mindful living at home, so you’re mentally at peace.


And if you're considering buying a new home, always invest in trusted property developers that take those safety guidelines into consideration during the construction process itself.