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There is no doubt that the little ones are always our most treasured possessions. Every parent longs to see their tiny tots cherish in a safe and healthy environment but sadly most of us don’t even know how to baby proof our houses. Baby proofing a house is not a very complicated thing to do, but it isn’t a very simple thing either one needs to be meticulous in identifying the objects and spaces that possess danger and take measures to rectify those.


Read below of what to do and how to do so that your little bundles of joy can be safe and happy.


Getting the corners covered : Infants and toddlers are prone to falling, hitting their heads on surfaces and such. One certain thing that parents can do to avoid major accidents from happening is to cover up the sharp edges and corners of furniture with corner protectors and edge guards available in the market.


Keeping doors and cupboards locked : Once the infant starts crawling and walking, the next fascination for them is to start exploring places and things and have varied experiences. One of the things parents could do is to keep the cupboards and doors closed in a manner which doesn’t allow the little ones to open. You can get various baby-proofing gadgets from the stores.


Get rid of the flaky walls : Homes in India are exposed to vivid climates, scorching summers to flooding monsoons. All these have lead our houses to be in a very drastic situation, most of them might have a wet wall, a flaky wall, a leaking tap etc. The tendency of the toddler to put everything in their mouth can’t be stopped but what we can do is make sure the things they put in their mouth are not flaky pieces of paint. So get your walls painted, and while painting make sure the paint is 100 % lead-free.


Keeping a close watch on electric sockets : Once babies start crawling, they tend to stick their fingers into every nook and corner of the house. It is a must that we cover the electric sockets using electric sockets covers.


Keeping the chemicals away : Every parent should take the necessary steps to keep chemicals out of children’s reach. The most common scenario is where the little one plays around with washing detergents and ends up having some inside them. These harmful chemicals can be very toxic for the little ones. Even all your medicines should be kept hidden away from their reach.


Using gates and stoppers : The babies are prone to accidents associated with staircases and windows. What every parent can do is to install a gate that restricts their entry to the staircases. Also fitting stoppers to the windows shall put an end to window-related injuries. You can also consider setting up tall and sturdy railings for the veranda and balcony.


Keeping heavy objects on check : The heavy objects in the house can be fatal for a child if it loses its balance and ends up falling. The things which are designed for adults can have a weird center of gravity, which in turn can be lethal for toddlers who are constantly pulling and pushing things. You can move these types of items to corners which are inaccessible for babies or even think of discarding them.