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If you’re struggling to draw in more natural light, give this a read before you seriously start considering making major renovations! A few tweaks here and there are all you need, to ensure your house basks in the sunlight.


But before you make any changes, walk around from one room to the other for a quick assessment of all your “dark spaces”. Are your problem small windows, heavy furniture, or dark floors in a small room? Start by moving your furniture around to see if it makes a difference. But if it doesn’t, here are some ways you can brighten your interiors.


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall! : Mirrors are so much more than vanity’s best friend, especially when it comes to décor! The more the reflective surfaces you can add to your room, the roomier it seems. Be it mirrors, crystal chandeliers, silver reflective photo frames, or even brassy door knobs. Hoard up on your favourite reflectors, and amplify natural light.


A Curtained Look : If you can’t do without curtains, switch to lighter fabrics and colours to let through more sunshine. The darker your curtains, the more sunlight they absorb. If you’re an extravagance-seeker, light, layered curtains are the way to go. But if you’re a minimalist at heart, invest in sturdy wood or faux wood shutters to keep out the heat, yet let in enough light to brighten your room.


Indoor Daylight : Be thoughtful about where you place your light fixtures. Indirect lighting aimed at the ceiling, makes an impression of a brighter, well-lit room. Attaching a floor lamp at the back of the room is a good way of directing the light upwards, which then, in turn, enhances sunlight during the day, and retains the daylight atmosphere as night falls.


It’s all in the Walls! : Ever wondered how a room seems so much bigger and brighter, if painted a lighter shade? It’s no secret that darker colours absorb the light, making rooms much dingier in comparison. The next time you’re getting ready to paint your walls, opt for pastels like off-white or beige, lemon, or eggshell blue.


Apart from the above mentioned points, if you still feel your room lacks natural daylight, avoid large, dark wall hangings. Paintings as such take up much space, as well as light. You could also throw in a colourful rug, and your room looks so much brighter, and more aesthetic!