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Are you planning to rent out your apartment? Finding it difficult to find a tenant for your property? These tips will help you get more rental prospects for your home. As a property owner, there are various things you can do to make your property more desirable to prospective tenants. With hundreds of property listings flooding the realty market, it is not an easy task to attract tenants to your apartment.


From listing your apartment on online portals to sharing attractive professional photos and furnishing your home with stylish furniture, the ways by which you can increase the demand of your apartment are many. Let us now discuss these aspects in detail.


Advertise Online: A majority of people search the internet to find a suitable rental home. So the first step you should do is to list your house on popular real estate rental websites. A short and clear description of your property should be added, along with appealing photographs. It is also important to mention the rental price, the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc as most of the people would like to know these details in advance.


Decorate the Interiors: Don’t think that decorating your home is useless since you are going to rent out your property. Tenants will be seeing hundreds of property listings every day, so your home should look beautiful and welcoming in order to catch their attention. Furnished apartments have great demand nowadays, as it offers a higher level of convenience for tenants.


Highlight the Features: The best way to catch the attention of tenants is to highlight the unique features of your home. It can be the location highlights such as proximity to schools, airport, railway stations, hospitals, shopping centres, etc. Other features like in-house amenities, quality of materials used, interior finishing, maintenance services, nearby attractions etc can also be mentioned while advertising your property.


Choose a Fair Price: Fixing a fair price for your rental property can be a confusing process. While you would wish to get good returns out of your investment, you have to also make sure that it is not overpriced. So it is necessary to research the local market trends and find out an appropriate rental price for your property. Once you get an idea about the prevailing rental rates, note down your monthly expenses including loan EMI, maintenance charges, utility charges, tax, etc and compare it with the rental income. Based on the result, you can decide on the rental price.


Maintenance Matters: A neat & well-maintained house is more likely to win the hearts of people who are looking for rental homes. When people visit your house, they will always scrutinize every detail and try to find it if there are any defects. So never consider maintenance as a trivial aspect while renting out your home. Every homeowner should take the responsibility of keeping their home in good condition for long years. You can consider appointing a caretaker or a property manager to handle the maintenance activities while you are out of town.